Flowers On First Impression, Treasured Memories Forever

About Us

Here at we have flowers for everyone and every occasion.

Flowers that are fresh from our own floral farm as well as those flown in direct from overseas.

Life-like Artificial are also available for those requiring a more enduring presentation.

Our florists with overseas exposure and internationally recognized course training will provide personalized floral arrangements to those required.

We also specialize in Bridal Bouquets, Banquet Hall Decorations, Floral Cake Decorations, Corsages and Presentations for Special Occasions.

We Care Enough of Your Expression by creating the Quality Impression on your behalf to others. So feel free to call on us for all your Floral Requirements.






* 各种节目、场合、宴会、结婚礼堂设计。
* 酒店、俱乐部、家居、庭院设计。
* 新娘手花、花车、蛋糕花艺设计。
* 襟花、花环及花圈
* 水果篮、开幕花篮及礼篮。
* 人造花、干燥花及人造树等。